Here We Go Looby Loo

Here we go looby loo,Here we go looby light,Here we go looby loo,All on a Saturday night. You put your right hand* in,You put your right hand out,You give your hand a shake shake shakeAnd turn yourself about. Click Here for Notation

Teddy Bear

Let’s sing a new song, Teddy Bear. Click Here for Notation

Where is Thumbkin?

1. Where is thumbkin? [thumb] (repeat)Here I am (repeat)How are you today sir? Very well I thank youRun away (repeat) 2. pointer [pointer finger] 3. tall man [middle finger] 4. ring man [ring finger] 5. pinkie [pinkie finger] 6. the family [all fingers] Click Here for Notation

Hunt the Cows

To play the game: One person is chosen as Music Leader and all join hands in a ring and step-hop(a slow, bouncy skip) to the left as the Music Leader starts the song and all join in singing. At, “The cows are lost,” all go down on one knee, still holding hands. At, “The sun […]

Big Fat Biscuit

Formation: Small group of students stand in a line.On the last word of the song or after the song ends, when everyone yells, “Jump!” students jump flat-footed as far as they can.

Fire in the Mountain

Formation: Students in 2 concentric circles. Students in the inner circle are sitting, and students in the outer circle are standing. The outer circle has one more person than the inner circle has.As students sing, the students in the outer circle walk around the seated inner circle. When the accompaniment suddenly stops (or teacher stops […]

Happy is the Miller

Formation: Students stand in two concentric circles (partners standing side by side, one in the inner circle and one in the outer circle) facing counterclockwise. One extra student (“It”) stands in the middle of the circle. Students in the circles march counterclockwise for the first three lines. On the last line of each stanza, students […]