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Hunt the Cows

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To play the game: One person is chosen as Music Leader and all join hands in a ring and step-hop
(a slow, bouncy skip) to the left as the Music Leader starts the song and all join in singing. At, “The cows are lost,” all go down on one knee, still holding hands. At, “The sun is warm,” all put down the second knee. At, “I think I’ll rest,” remain on knees and put one elbow on the floor, resting chin in hand. At, “Till they come home,” put second elbow down, rest chin on both hands. Hold this position without moving until the Music Leader decides to start the song again. As she sings, “WAKE UP, YOU LAZYBONES . . .” all leap up, join hands and step-hop to the left. Play this as many times as you like, with the fun being the suspense at the end, not knowing when the song is going to start again. We used to end the game (deciding beforehand that this
would be the last time), when the Music Leader, instead of singing, “WAKE UP . . .” shouts “SOMERSAULT!” at this point, those who wish may somersault in to the middle of the circle
(leave plenty of room!)

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