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Student Centered Instruction

Sound Thinking Interactive Is A Stage Manager For Music Teachers, Providing Research-Based Sequences That Seamlessly Integrate Into A Student Centered Classroom.

Inclusive Methodology

Developed in cooperation with international researchers, Sound Thinking Interactive connects with current methodologies in music education.

A Unique Sound To Symbol Orientation To Teaching Music That Develops Audiation

Sound Thinking Interactive Uses A Sound To Symbol Orientation To Explore Concepts Through The Sound Of Music Before Explaining How Music Symbols Are Used. This Develops Independent Audiation In Children.

Inclusive ESL Support

Sound Thinking Interactive is designed to reinforce ESL students’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, as well as content vocabulary for Spanish speakers.

Enhances Math and Science Cognitive Skills

Our model of learning and instruction parallels techniques used by math and science instructors. As such, students learn to think by analyzing and solving problems.
Sound Thinking Interactive enhances math and science cognitive skills.

Professional Development

Sound Thinking Interactive provides content that supports continued professional education for teachers working tirelessly in the 21st century classroom. The curriculum guides teachers in learning best practices and sequenced, differentiated activities for the modern learner.

Approved TEA CPE Provider