As a professor in elementary education, responsible for shaping the next generation of music educators, it’s crucial to impart an understanding of the significance behind refining teaching methodologies.

Encouraging the teaching of performance, musicianship, inner hearing, and music literacy skills, underpinned by rigorous research and a sound-to-symbol approach, becomes paramount. In today’s educational environment, educators are met with an array of teaching materials, activities, and recommendations. Yet, it’s essential not to overlook the foundational skills essential for sequentially instructing musicianship, inner hearing, and musical literacy.

Sound Thinking Interactive not only serves as a vital bridge to address this gap but also aims to further collaborate with education professors to enhance the teaching experience. As a testament to our commitment, we’re excited to announce our initiative to provide complimentary licenses of Sound Thinking Interactive to esteemed education professors like you. This research-based musical resource stands as a beacon, accentuating the development of robust music theory and symbol music literacy. These skills prove invaluable for both commercial musicians, who learn repertoire without conventional notation, and musicians who study from traditional music scores.