Prelude to Recorder

A row of recorders in a variety of recorders

In the journey of mastering the recorder, one fundamental aspect often overlooked is the significance of a memorized song repertoire.

Developing Young Voices in the Kindergarten Classroom

Philip Tacka Developing Voices

Music is a powerful tool that can enrich a child’s development in many ways. One of the most important aspects of a musical education is developing and nurturing young singing voices. Dr. Philip Tacka speaks as to why Kindergarten is the ideal time to use simple folk songs, singing games, and movement activities to embark on this journey.

A Conversation with Beth

Beths Notes

Kristopher and Beth share a little bit of the history of and They discuss the importance of teaching folk songs to students, how to engage older students, and the importance of making a safe performance space.

3 Lectures on Music Education

Dr. Houlahan points a to a stone podium.

In this enlightening episode, we’re privileged to bring you not just one, but three insightful lectures from Dr. Houlahan himself.

258: Sound Seeds: Nurturing Musicianship in the Elementary Classroom with Dr. Micheal Houlahan

A Cartoon Image of Dr. Houlahan and his book, Kodaly Today!

In this episode, the topic of nurturing musicianship in the elementary classroom is explored. Dr. Houlahan, an expert in music education, discusses the importance of developing musicianship in both teachers and students. Drawing from his experience in different parts of the world, he highlights the value of integrating music theory and performance skills. He emphasizes that teachers should approach music education as both musicians and educators, enabling them to engage students effectively. Dr. Houlahan also introduces the concept of “Sound Thinking Interactive,” a comprehensive program designed to support music teachers by providing curriculum resources, lesson plans, assessment tools, and professional development. The program aims to bridge the gap between technical instruction and artistic expression, fostering a passion for music and a strong foundation in music literacy skills among students.

A Conversation with Gabriela Montoya-Stier: Part Two

An Image of Gabriella Montoya-Stier and her book, el Patio de mi Casa

In this episode Gabriella and Kris finish their conversation by sharing her journey in discovering Latin American Folk Music, the impact of Colonialism in Mexican Folksong and literature, and what teachers can do to support their students and their local community when the teacher might not be a member of the culture or ethnic group.

A Conversation with Gabriela Montoya-Stier

An Image of Gabriella Montoya-Stier and her book, el Patio de mi Casa

Kristopher Brown sits down with the remarkable Gabriela Montoya-Stier, a music specialist and accomplished educator hailing from San Antonio, Texas. Gabriela’s journey in publishing her book, “El Patio De Mi Casa,” is nothing short of inspiring, and in this episode, she takes us on a captivating ride through her creative process and the profound impact it has had on her students.

Sound to Symbol: An Introduction

Let's Go Training Featured Image

Welcome to an introductory training session into the Sound Thinking approach—a holistic methodology designed to revolutionize the way we conceptualize, plan, and execute the use of our resources in the classroom.