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258: Sound Seeds: Nurturing Musicianship in the Elementary Classroom with Dr. Micheal Houlahan

A Cartoon Image of Dr. Houlahan and his book, Kodaly Today!

In this episode, the topic of nurturing musicianship in the elementary classroom is explored. Dr. Houlahan, an expert in music education, discusses the importance of developing musicianship in both teachers and students. Drawing from his experience in different parts of the world, he highlights the value of integrating music theory and performance skills. He emphasizes that teachers should approach music education as both musicians and educators, enabling them to engage students effectively. Dr. Houlahan also introduces the concept of “Sound Thinking Interactive,” a comprehensive program designed to support music teachers by providing curriculum resources, lesson plans, assessment tools, and professional development. The program aims to bridge the gap between technical instruction and artistic expression, fostering a passion for music and a strong foundation in music literacy skills among students.

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