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3 Lectures on Music Education

Dr. Houlahan points a to a stone podium.

In this enlightening episode, we’re privileged to bring you not just one, but three insightful lectures from Dr. Houlahan himself. These lectures are designed to empower educators, like you, with a comprehensive understanding of key aspects in the field.

Lecture 1: “Why Delay Introducing the Word Beat to Kindergarteners?”

Dr. Houlahan explores the intriguing concept of timing in early music education. Join us as he shares his perspectives on when and how to introduce the concept of “beat” to kindergarteners, and the profound impact it can have on their musical development.

Lecture 2: “Accurate Assessment and Selection of Interactive Software for Your Classroom”

In an age of technology, selecting the right interactive software for your classroom can be a daunting task. Dr. Houlahan provides expert guidance on assessing and choosing software that aligns with your teaching goals, ensuring a seamless integration of technology and education.

Lecture 3: “The Significance of Strengthening Teachers’ Musicianship Skills”

Recognizing the pivotal role teachers play in shaping young musicians, Dr. Houlahan underscores the importance of nurturing your own musicianship skills. Discover how enhancing your musical abilities can, in turn, elevate the musical experience you provide for your students.

We are honored to introduce Dr. Micheál Houlahan, a distinguished figure in the realm of music theory and aural skills. Dr. Houlahan currently serves as the Chair of the Department of Music at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. His extensive background, including an Irish Arts Council Scholarship and a Fulbright Scholarship, speaks volumes about his dedication to shaping the future of music education.

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