My Experience as a Clinician

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              I first came across Sound Thinking Interactive in the Summer of 2022 during my coursework for Kodály Level 1. I was fully Orff certified, but beginning to blend that into my newly acquired Kodály knowledge seemed like a daunting task. Nonetheless, it was the right decision for me since I would be switching campuses […]

Educating Musician-Teachers for the 21st Century

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I will explore the concept of transformational musicianship — a model that encompasses performance, production, diverse repertoires, critical thinking skills, creativity, and audience engagement.

Dr. Houlahan Responds to the New York Times

Dr. Houlahan Responds to the New York Times

In recent years, there has been a growing understanding of the importance of playing an instrument by ear, as captured in Sammy Miller’s thought-provoking article ” We’re Teaching Music to Kids All Wrong,”….

The Sound Thinking Method

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When I first began teaching, I planned each lesson as part of an “experience, label, and practice” unit. However, my units were not sequentially ordered. I would begin teaching a unit, only to realize that my students lacked a more foundational concept which caused confusion and disinterest for students in the music room. I used any resource I could find and was trying to find activities that were engaging for the students but struggled with how to get them past just singing a song or playing an instrument and how to get them to really understand new musical concepts.

How to Assess an Interactive Music Curriculum.

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When it comes to music education, a well-crafted and dynamic curriculum can revolutionize the learning experience. In this blog, we delve into how to assess the effectiveness of a music education interactive curriculum in promoting critical thinking, engagement, and overall musical development.

Empowering Young Musicians

The  Intersection of Performance, Musicianship, and Music Literacy in the Music Classroom Dr. MICHEÁL HOULAHAN Introduction In the music classroom, young minds embark on a transformative journey into the enchanting world of music. This magical realm nurtures their creative spirits and lays the foundation for essential life skills. The harmonious intersection of performance, musicianship, and […]

Advocacy Amplified

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As music teachers, we continually seek effective strategies to advocate for music education in our schools. While musical activities are valuable, there is a more impactful approach: nurturing musicianship through teaching music literacy skills.