My Experience as a Clinician

An image of Christen Jones, Clinician for Sound Thinking Interactive

              I first came across Sound Thinking Interactive in the Summer of 2022 during my coursework for Kodály Level 1. I was fully Orff certified, but beginning to blend that into my newly acquired Kodály knowledge seemed like a daunting task. Nonetheless, it was the right decision for me since I would be switching campuses that coming fall. Sound Thinking Interactive drew inspiration from the lessons in Houlahan and Tacka’s Kodály Today: A Cognitive Approach to Elementary Music Education.   Since that is what I was following, it made sense to use their program. Our district was asked if anyone would be interested in piloting the program, and I was more than happy to oblige.

              After using the program for a school year, a survey was sent out from Sound Thinking asking if anyone using their product would be interested in presenting a session at TMEA. I had had such tremendous success with it that I was more than willing to submit a proposal. I worked with Kristopher last Spring into the Summer to prepare our presentation, and in August, we got the news that our submission had been accepted. Throughout the whole experience, I have felt nothing but support from Kristopher and his team. Anytime I had a question or felt unsure, I would reach out and have an answer within a short amount of time. I sincerely appreciate all the help and encouragement I received. The experience of working with Sound Thinking Interactive and presenting at TMEA has made me a better educator because it has challenged me to think creatively but to teach  sequentially and and develop my students’ musicianship.

Picture of Christen Jones

Christen Jones

Music Specialist, Katy Elementary

Katy Independent School District

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