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Embedded within our curriculum, you will discover a purposeful element – the invitation for you, the teacher, to become a living example of musicianship. Some of the introductions to repertoire we included is intentionally designed for you to sing, creating authentic moments for you to share your passion and proficiency with your students. This deliberate inclusion not only enhances the musical experience but also underscores the profound significance of music making as demonstrated by their very own teacher. As you engage in these musical interactions, you forge a deeper connection with your students, cultivating an environment where music becomes a shared language of creativity and expression. Your musical leadership not only nurtures their development but also fosters a lifelong appreciation for the beauty of music, enriching their educational journey in profound ways.

The goal of our content is to support you sharing your musicianship with the students. We highly recommend that you practice the songs and games we prepped for you before class. When you click on the icon of a song within the app, it will seamlessly transport you to the notation of that particular song on Beth’s Notes. Happy exploring and making beautiful music with your students!

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