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Oliver Twist

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Gather the children in a circle formation in an open area.
Sing the lyrics of the song “Oliver Twist”. “Oliver Twist, you can’t do this,” Choose one child to stand in the center of the circle. This child will create a simple, fun movement that the other children can imitate. For example, they could spin around, hop on one foot, or do a silly dance move.
“So what’s the use of trying?” Encourage the child in the center to express their movement confidently, and invite all the other children to copy the movement. “Touch your knees, touch your toes,” Instruct the child in the center to touch their knees and then touch their toes. The other children should follow along, imitating the movement. “Clap your hands and away you go.” Have the child in the center clap their hands and then start moving around the circle, dancing or walking in a playful manner. The other children should continue copying the movement and follow the child in the center. Continue singing the song and repeating the movements with different children taking turns in the center of the circle. Encourage each child to come up with their own creative movement for the others to imitate.

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