Grade 1 Unit 2 Assessments

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Quarter Note | Two Eighth Notes

1. **Lesson 1 Assessment Rubric: Kinesthetic Awareness**

   – Assessing: Singing and Pointing Accuracy (Rhythmic).

   – Focus: First phrase of “Rain, Rain.”


2. **Lesson 2 Assessment Rubric: Aural Awareness**

   – Assessing: Identifying and Describing Sounds on Beats (Rhythmic).

   – Focus: Phrase 1 of “Rain, Rain.”


3. **Lesson 3 Assessment Rubric: Visual Awareness**

   – Assessing: Creating a Picture of Sounds on Beats (Visual).

   – Focus: Phrase 1 of “Rain, Rain.”


4. **Lesson 4 Assessment Rubric: Labeling the Sound/Initial Practice**

   – Assessing: Singing with Rhythm Syllables (Rhythmic).

   – Focus: Phrase 1 of “Rain, Rain” and other songs.


5. **Lesson 5 Assessment Rubric: Presenting Notation/Initial Practice**

   – Assessing: Reading from Rhythm Notation with Singing or Saying Rhythm Syllables (Rhythmic).

   – Focus: Phrase 1 of “Rain, Rain” and other songs.


6. **Application of Knowledge Assessment Rubric: Reading**

   – Assessing: Reading and Performing in Known Songs and Chants with Singing or Chanting Rhythm Syllables (Rhythmic).

   – Focus: sing known songs and chants.


7. **Application of Knowledge Assessment Rubric: Writing**

   – Assessing: Writing Missing notation in the First Phrases (Writing).

   – Focus: First phrases of “Rain Rain,” “Bounce High Bounce Low,” “See Saw,” and “Snail, Snail.”


8. **Application of Knowledge Assessment Rubric: Improvisation**

   – Assessing: Selecting and Performing Response Phrases with Quarter Notes and Eighth Notes (Improvisation).

   – Focus: Response phrases to questions or responses performed by teacher or students.


  • Assessment rubrics are included with each unit. They are intended to evaluate students’ progress in understanding musical concepts and elements. They have been structured to assess student learning and chart progress. 
  • Assessment rubrics are essential teaching tools to share with administrators.