Here We Go Looby Loo

Here we go looby loo,Here we go looby light,Here we go looby loo,All on a Saturday night. You put your right hand* in,You put your right hand out,You give your hand a shake shake shakeAnd turn yourself about. Click Here for Notation

Teddy Bear

Let’s sing a new song, Teddy Bear. Click Here for Notation

Where is Thumbkin?

1. Where is thumbkin? [thumb] (repeat)Here I am (repeat)How are you today sir? Very well I thank youRun away (repeat) 2. pointer [pointer finger] 3. tall man [middle finger] 4. ring man [ring finger] 5. pinkie [pinkie finger] 6. the family [all fingers] Click Here for Notation

Hop Ol’ Squirrel

One student is the “squirrel” (“It”) who hops around the outside of the circle as students pat the steady beat while singing. Everyone freezes on the last word “dee.”

Dance Thumbkin Dance!

This is a similar finger motion game to Where is Thumbkin. Children love novelty and consistent structure. It’s part of why they love to hear and watch the same stories over and over. This will give them an opportunity to explore new motions with their fingers and is great for providing early improvisation skills. Click […]