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What is Sound Thinking Interactive?

Sound Thinking Interactive is a stage manager for music teachers, providing research-based rhythmic and melodic sequences that seamlessly integrate into a student-centered classroom. Developed by Houlahan and Tacka, this tool connects to all different teaching philosophies. It uses a unique “Sound to Symbol” orientation to teach musicianship that explores the sounds of music, learning how to play these sounds on an instrument before learning to play them from notation. This approach to teaching promotes students’ independent musicianship and audition skills. These are the necessary components for teaching students how to play instruments.

What is Sound Thinking Interactive’s Philosophy of teaching?

Sound Thinking Interactive provides a comprehensive approach to musicianship. The music curriculums offered to K-5 and secondary instrumental and choral ensembles incorporate the following multi-dimensions of musicianship:

  1. Students learn best by singing in the music classroom. This also applies to the teaching of instrumental music.
  2. Repertoire needs to be carefully selected to develop students’ ability to sing, audiate, and play musical instruments.
  3. Students approach learning this repertoire learning through a “ sound “ and “symbol” orientation
  4. Students should be given lots of guided experiences listening to different types of music to see how composers have created music. This serves as a model for students’ improvisation and compositions.
  5. Students should be allowed to improvise and compose to perform their music on their instruments.

Overall, Sound Thinking Interactive is a comprehensive and practical framework for teaching music, and it can be used to enhance instrumental music teaching. It teaches meaningful and culturally relevant music and emphasizes inner hearing.

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